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I can do stuff, too! :D





Those Who Play for Ghosts by TheMichaelMacRae

Those Who Play for Ghosts

by TheMichaelMacRae

So I have, like, a month off from school before my trip. What should I do? 

2 deviants said Practice your Japanese, dude! (I still have half the course to get thru help)
1 deviant said Work and earn ur money, son. (I'm gonna end up doing this, anyway).
1 deviant said Make ART and COMICS (and totally neglect all responsibility!)
No deviants said Do some hardcore writing!! (I really want to)


I feel dead. I'm waiting for the callback from the college I want to go to. I should hear back in the next five days. AAAAAAUGH.
The beast by Geli-K
The beast
I freakin' LOVE over the garden wall. It was so weird and cool and touching and heartbreaking and also creepy.

For those who don't know it, I'd describe it as a cross between Adventure Time and the old-fashioned Brother's Grimm fairy tales. :shrug:

I drew this for my baby bro who loved it as much as I did. :XD:

    10:04 P.M.

    Charlotte Kiss

    Ready or not, here I come!

    Shit! Is the five minutes up already?

    She’s coming to get me.

    I can feel blisters forming on the balls of my feet and my heels and the tips of my toes. I am nowhere near finding any of my coworkers. There are nine of them to find, and I need to do it fast.

    Seven, I correct myself. My throat tightens with remorse. Only seven.

    She’s coming to get me.

    My hands are clenched around the baseball bat and shaking. My knees feel wobbly. Oh god! She’s coming to get me!

    Lizzie flashed in my head. Her body was damaged beyond repair by the time I got there. Deep cuts oozing blood. Large, dark bruises. I think her arm was broken, judging by the awkward way it was held behind her back. All I can think of is the way that her blood spilled over her bleached blonde hair, thick and dark red.

    I lean against the wall and slump down to the floor. Lynn’s… no, Lynette’s… betrayal hurts worse than a knife wound. She had pretended to help me, pretended to be my friend! We had only known each other for a day, but I had actually liked her!

    When I feel tears roll down my cheeks I shake my head and jump up. No time for weakness. Not now. Not until this is over.

    Will I have to kill Lynette?

    Let’s put off that thought for another time.

    My terrified brain began to imagine noises, again. I’m not sure if the awful music was better or worse than the silence that creeps in and itches at the back of my neck.

    I keep my steps silent and bite my lip as I peer into each room. I long to be able to run, but it’s much too loud. Lynette would hear my feet pounding on the floor.


    I pull off my backpack and quickly switch my sneakers out for my rollerblades. Just by strapping them on my feet, I feel better. More confident. Like I might just maybe have a chance to win this insane game.

    I hear a thump, like something heavy falling to the floor. Instinct screams for me to whip around and skate away in the opposite direction, but I push the thought away. It might be one of my friends.

    I slide along the wall as softly as I can, thanking the higher powers that I had gotten the squeaky ball-bearing fixed in my skates.

    I think the sound came from this door. It’s open just a crack. I push it open with a finger and slowly peer inside.

    In the corner, surrounded by smears of blood, is a figure curled up into itself. I zip over and kneel down. Who is it?

    I see the mop of red hair.

    “James!” I reach for him and take his shoulders. “James, it’s me!”

    He groans and jerks away. My heart breaks when I hear him start to sob. I reach behind his head and remove the gag.

    Please don’t hurt me,” he whispers. “I don’t want to die.

    “James, I’m not going to hurt you. It’s me, Charlie!”

    “Ch-Charlie?” He opens his eyes wide. “Charlie… Run…”

    “Not until I get you out of here, James. C’mon, is anything broken?” I fumble with the bungee cords and ropes that bind his hands and legs.

    “S-some fingers are broken, b-but that’s it,” he stammers. “Ch-Charlie… Lynette… she…”

    “I know,” I say. “I know. She’s…” I can’t quite figure out how to phrase what she is, exactly, so I let the matter lie. “James, you need to get out of here. Find help.”

    “She… smashed our phones…”

    “I know.”

    “I just… finished paying off the debt…”

    I sighed. “James, you’re in shock. Can you walk?”

    “I… I think so…”

    I get to my feet and help him to his. He wobbles uncertainly and clings to my shoulder, leaving a darker smear on my red jacket where his bloody hand rubs across.

    I slowly back away from him, leaving him to stand on his own. “You alright?”

    “Of course not,” he says almost dreamily. “I’m not alright.”

    “Sorry, stupid question… I meant, can you stand alright?”

    “I… I guess…” He looks up to me, his blue eyes wide, round and frightened. “Charlie, I’m scared…”

    Me too.

    “James,” I say, “you have to run.”

    He cradles his hands to his chest. “But what about… you?”

    “I’ll be fine. I have to stay here for a while. You have to run.”


    “James. Run.”

    My voice had a certain edge to it that he couldn’t muster the will to question. He nodded and left the room at a limping jog. I stood there with my shoulders slumped until I can no longer hear his footsteps.

I really want to be a writer, and I think I'm doing an alright job of working towards that goal. I write a lot. I really do. I can't stop. I can't help it. I can't tell you exactly when writing went from being a hobby to being a compulsion, but I want to explain something.

I think I am dedicated. Really. I've touched on lots of short stories, completed Madhouse Funhouse, and done plenty of other things, but my baby is Kat's Tale (now called Monsoon). I've been working on it since Christmas 2010, and I drew the first picture of Kat Tana before that (even though she didn't have a name at the time). It's been through ups and downs where I didn't work on it for months on end and times when I wrote a hundred pages in a week, and it's been through several makeovers and reboots (which you might know if you take a peek in my gallery).

I went through my computer and did some calculations. Keep in mind that this is just for the Kat's Tale story alone, not for any short stories, homework, Madhouse Funhouse or other stuff. Just bear with me, or skip to the bolded part.

I have a few hundred docs on file. One of the folders is called "stories" and one of the subfolders is called "Kat's Tale". In the subfolder, there are several smaller ones. The main folder that I use day-to-day has 10 docs in it, totaling up to 270 pages (most of which is in one doc).

There are a few other subfolders. In two of them (mushed together) there are 8 documents with 1056 pgs between them (most of them are in one doc of stuff I never show anyone ever).

Then there's a whopping subfolder called "out of date", which contains all of the old Kat's Tale stuff. Through 2011 to 2014, there are 60 or so docs, totaling up to a grand 1641.

Altogether, I have written 2,967 pages of Kat's Tale, give or take a little since I know a few docs got lost to the ages and there might be a few duplicates in the bunch.

But still... wow. 

I even found the very first Kat's Tale story. It didn't have a title, it was just called "Story". Kat wasn't even a character--she was a Mary Sue. But I was 12, so whatever. That's what 12 year olds do. I encourage kids who make characters, even ones that are identical to them, because as they get older they will turn and twist and shape into new things and you should NEVER discourage young artists. 

I'll spare you the details of the story, but I'll just say that I got about 50 pages in or so before I realized that my story was boring and I needed to do some shit with it. Also it was weird to include people I know. Yikes.

That was when the (sigh) anthromorphs were born. Furry central. I'm not shaming furries or anything, but it was a weird set of stories, ain't gonna lie. They stayed furry until 2013, when I decided that guns and blood were much more fun.

That was when they became Mutants.

I've rebooted the Mutant look a few times, and with this newest version... I think it's a winner. Out of all of the previous versions of Kat's Tale, I've stuck with this one the longest. It's currently at 220+ pages or so, (book two, maybe?) and I've been working on it more or less nonstop since September. I've opted not to post anything until it's 100% done, because I've gone through some of the drafts that I've posted on here and well... don't do that. Don't post drafts. I've opted not to take any of them down just because. Also, if it or Madhouse Funhouse ever get published, I'll have to take down the chapters I've posted here b/c of reasons.

Writing Kat's Tale has been a hilarious and fun journey. My characters continue to surprise me around every turn, which is kind of incredible seeing as we've known each other for coming up on five years. Three of them came out of the closet to me the other day. (If you're wondering who, just ask and I'll explain). They went from being a little kid's daydreams to being my blood soaked horror story filled with drugs, sex, and violence, along with X-Men mad science, awkward confused feelings, several political statements and hilarity. Kat Tana went from being a Mary Sue to being a three-dimensional character with motivations and depth of her own, and I dearly hope that she goes on to capture the hearts of others in the future.

That's why I don't hate Mary Sues. They often turn into so much more.

That has been my writing journey thus far, at least with Kat's Tale. I think I have grown and improved in tremendous ways, really and truly. It's been a wild and wacky and crazy adventure. Characters were created and discarded, born and died. I've started many stories that ended up as nothing more than untouched documents on my computer. I've finished at least one story that I can call my own (and I still have no idea what to do with it). I still have a head full of psychopaths and dragons and spaceships and star-crossed lovers, and I know that there are many stories for me to write still.

Some teens don't want to write when they're young, since they don't think it'll ever get anywhere at that age, if anywhere at all. They don't think they'll ever get published. I don't know if I'll ever see one of my books on a store shelf, but hey, I might as well try, right? I can't be a writer unless I practice the shit out of my art.

I write recklessly, carefree, and crazily. I write with the wind, with the cobwebs of time, with my childhood memories. I write with galaxies and fairies as my pen and ink. I write about the known and the unknown. I explore the ancient world, the deep sea, outer space and the wide and empty future. I ignore my inner critic and let my inner dreamer take over until the draft is done, only then does my critic speak.

My fingers fly. My mind is open. My heart soars.

I want to be a writer. So I write.


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Angelica Kero
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Hey, my name is Geli. I'm a teenager. I really like to draw cartoons and write. I can pretend that I know how to play the piano. That's about it.

When I grow up, I want to be a cartoonist/ writer more then anything, but hey, things change, and anything can happen!

I'm open for collabs and trades, FYI, but no requests, sorry.


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